As a photographer, I worked in advertising, fashion, the music industry and for national newspapers such as The Financial Times. As a painter, printmaker and occasional sculptor, I work for myself. It seems reasonable to suppose that many of the images on this website could only have been made by someone with such a varied working background and range of interests.

If you wish to email me about my work in general, or about specific images on this site, a message in the box below will reach me, and be replied to. If you hate such boxes as much as I do, email me direct:


A painting from the 1980s. At the time of making it, I felt that it verged on the twee (I loathe pretty figure paintings) and hid it away behind other pictures of this size. But recently, retrieving it from a damp and leaky outhouse, I found that I rather like it now. In case you wonder, the abrasive marks are deliberate, induced by sticks, chains and coarse glasspaper. I like a rough finish. I'm now offering a few prints of this, smaller and less tactile than the original perhaps, but just as pleasing - to me anyway.